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December 2018

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 Application Form Template

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PostSubject: Application Form Template    Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:34 pm

Hello and First of all i would like to say welcome to the Guilds forum i would like to thank you for coming here and taking the time to fill out this application. You may find that this is a bit excessive just to join our guild, We on the other hand feel that for you to be a part of the guild you must at least be willing to give us 5 minutes of your time to tell us about yourself.

1)Name (Character you wish to join into the guild):



4)Preferred Class:

5)Most Skilled Class:

6)Can you take a joke?(We like to mess around with each other and the ability to take a joke on the chin is important):

7)A Little About yourself(In order for us to consider you as a member we first must ascertain what kind of person you yourself are):

8)Previous Clan/Guild Experience (Does not have to be a DDO guild/clan anything is fine):

9)Will you abide by the Guilds Rules/Guidelines?:

10)Have you been kicked from any DDO related guild before or had any ingame bans due to miss conduct? (If you do not wish to answer this question publicly please feel free to PM any officer with the details):

11)If yes, Please specify (do not have to go into full detail things happen):

12) And Finally the most important Question, Do you feel the need to wear underwear under your kilt? (Yes, No, Maybe, Other, You expect me to wear a skirt for this guild?):

Please note all applicants will be accepted on a probationary period of 2 weeks, During this time we will run with you as much as possible and decide wether or not you are for the Highlanders or not.

You may go into as much or as little detail in this application as you like, This is not a job afterall, Though the more detail the better.

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Application Form Template
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